​Your Complete Guide to Setting Up an Event Kitchen

​Your Complete Guide to Setting Up an Event Kitchen

Here at, we hire everything you’ll need for setting up an event kitchen. But how should you set it up? Whether you’re catering a wedding, corporate event or anything in between, setting up a kitchen for events will require thorough planning. Ensuring that your kitchen is efficient and safe will play a key role in making the event a success. From smaller, temporary kitchens to bigger industrial-sized kitchens for high volume events, this guide is here to take you through everything you’ll need to do to create the ideal environment for catering an event.

Consider Your Space Requirements:

Is the kitchen you’re planning to use for the event large enough based on the equipment needed and the expected number of guests and staff members? We recommend designing a rough sketch of the kitchen’s layout to determine what size workspace you’ll need.

Equipment and Supplies:

Divide into Work Stations:

Set up clearly divided work areas. We recommend having an area for food preparation, a separate area for cooking, an area for plating dishes, an area for washing and an area for waste.

Electricity, Water & Gas

You’ll need access to electricity, water, and possibly gas. You should ensure that these are all running efficiently prior to the event taking place. No hot water? No problem! You can hire the Water Boiler 23 Litre, which delivers convenient, portable access to piping hot water without the need for hardwiring or mains plumbing. You can also hire our Propane Gas Cylinder 25lb/11kg!

Menu Planning and Preparation:

When planning your menu, keep in mind any dietary requirements and allergies.

Food Safety and Hygiene:

Implement strict food safety practices & follow HACCP guidelines to prevent any risk of cross contamination. Set up stations for handwashing with our Hand Wash Sink Unit 10L (Round), and ensure food is stored at the recommended temperatures.

Waste Management:

To ensure your event kitchen runs as efficiently as possible, you should allocate areas for waste disposal, recycling, and composting.

Emergency Procedures

Once you’ve set up your kitchen, it’s vital to familiarise yourself with standard procedures in the event of a fire or emergency.

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6th Mar 2024