Corporate Event Seating
Date: April 18 2018 | Category: Industry News

If you have organised a corporate event before then you understand that corporate event seating can be a challenge and often overlooked.

Zones are categorised for functions meaning that different areas require different seating options. For example, you may need some formal seating areas for talks, some chill out seating for break-out areas, bistro chairs for cafes, high stools for bar areas etc.

Getting it right could make or break your guests’ experience. You don’t want all your hard work in planning the event wasted by not planning your seating arrangements in depth.

At HireAll we provide extensive seating options. We won’t go into lounge furniture yet as that will require an entire post of it’s own, so for now let’s look at chair seating options.

Intimate Audience

Have an event that requires a stage but a smaller crowd? You won’t require tiered seating in this instance. Just have your rows of seats close to the stage and leave space between every 4-6 chairs to allow guests to easy get up or come find a seat. This event by Tara O Connor uses our Oscar chair and leaves a perfect space in between rows to allow easy access. There’s nothing worse than having to shimmy across 10 people to get into a seat!

 Bar Stools

This is a fun way to allow your guests to network before your conference starts or after a presentation or speaker is finished. Keep the design simple with these black Pod tables and button bar stools. A full-service bar would definitely tie it all together.

Bean Bags & Two-Seaters

Here is a fun way to mix up conference seating. Implement mixed furnishings such as bean bags, two-seaters, and armchairs like in this example. Keep the look somewhat uniform by using the same colour scheme. Bean bags to the front due to their lower seating position of course! Our Alaska furniture and bean bags are perfect for this. 

Outdoor Seating

Need seating ideas for an outdoor corporate event? Get some wood furniture to fit the scenery. It is a great way to make your guests feel relaxed by making them feel as though they are just having a weekend barbeque. It also allows for more casual discussions and networking.

 Classy Corporate

This white ensemble is definitely classy and chic. Every big corporate event needs seating or break out areas for guests to come relax and of course, network!

Modern Mingle

For an event that requires various seating arrangements within one corporate area we include a mix of our button bar stools, ottoman lounge furniture, and armchairs. It’s worth going the extra mile for this modern lounge for networking and relaxing. Trust us, your guests will thank you!