Everything You Need to Hire for Festivals

Everything You Need to Hire for Festivals

Festival season is upon us, and the excitement is in the air! Here at HireAll, we are proud to have supplied festivals and concerts with everything they need to create unforgettable experiences, and we’re thrilled to share this helpful guide on everything you’ll need to hire when organising a festival.

Some of Europe’s biggest festivals see up to 200,000 people in attendance, so extensive planning is crucial. From the electrifying energy of events like Longitude in Marlay Park to Electric Picnic or Forbidden Fruit, as you prepare for your next big event, let us guide you through everything you need to make it a success.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential areas you’ll find at a festival.

Stages and Performance Areas

Perhaps the most important area, the stage is at the festival’s core and where all of the action happens. Essential equipment for the stage area includes:

Stages and Platforms

Acts will need a designated space to perform. The size of the stage you hire will depend on the performance.

Sound and Lighting Equipment

High-quality speakers, microphones and lighting systems are a must. A good sound system will ensure clarity for both the performer and audience, keeping everyone engaged. Good-quality lighting will create the desired ambiance to complement the music or performance. Reliable equipment also helps to minimize technical issues that can interrupt a performance.

Backstage Facilities

Dressing rooms, makeup areas and rest areas for performers are essential. A festival can last many hours, and performers will need a space to rest and execute costume changes, makeup touch ups, etc. Consider vanity mirrors, clothes rails and seating.

Food and Catering Areas

Food is also an important element of any festival. Tasty, diverse food options will make for an enjoyable experience for festival-goers. Here’s what you’ll need…

Catering Equipment:

Food trucks, mobile kitchens, and barbecue setups are popular choices for festival catering. These mobile food solutions are versatile options as they allow for a multitude of offerings, ideal for a wide audience. These options can also help to support local businesses. Consider hiring Grills and Ovens for on-site cooking and food preparation, Refrigeration Units to keep food and drinks fresh and cool, and Serving Equipment such as chafing dishes, serving platters, and utensils.

Bars and Beverage Stations

You can place bar counters, drink dispensers and cooling equipment throughout the grounds. Bars & beverage areas will provide attendees with access to a variety of beverages and encourage socialisation. Check out our selection of Bars to find the perfect match!

Dining Tables, Chairs & Lounge/Relaxation Areas

It’s important to consider durable and comfortable seating options when choosing furniture for a festival, as attendees can spend many hours walking or standing. Comfortable seating options such as bean bags, sofas and hammocks provide a place for attendees to rest, relax and enjoy the food offerings. These also make good options for “VIP”/hospitality areas.

Seating areas can help with managing traffic flow, so it’s recommended that you place this type of seating throughout the festival grounds.

We recommend our Wooden Picnic Bench, ideal to place in communal areas for socialising and enjoying a meal, whilst our Rustic Bench is popular for outdoor hire. Our Smartie Bench is a bright, vibrant choice that’ll fit in at any festival! Our Capri Sofa is a stylish, comfy choice for a much-needed rest. For a folding chair option, check out the Samsonite Folding Chair, a comfortable, portable and durable piece, and check out Why choose the Samsonite Folding Chair to find out why it’s perfect for festivals.

Shade & Shelter

When organising a festival, it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. In the event of rain or extreme sun, consider protective options such as tents, marquees and parasols to offer protection from the elements.

Demonstration and Workshop Areas

If the festival includes interactive sessions, talks and workshops, consider designated areas for this and hire the essentials such as projectors and sound systems.


Attendees will need access to facilities such as portable toilets and handwashing stations. Waste management such as bins, recycling stations and waste removal services is also essential. Also important for any festival are effective crowd control solutions such as barriers and fencing.

Organising a festival requires extensive planning and the right equipment. By hiring from, you can ensure that your festival runs smoothly. We’re experts in planning high-volume events, and can provide catering supplies, seating and more.

Let us support your festival planning journey and bring your vision to life!

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28th Jun 2024