​Your Complete Guide to Banquet Table Hire for Events

​Your Complete Guide to Banquet Table Hire for Events

Perhaps you’re planning an event where sit-down dining will take place. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here at, we hire an extensive selection of banquet tables and dining tables for all occasions.

Choosing your banquet table can be challenging, as there are various types, such as round tables, rectangular tables and bistro tables. We’ve put together this informative guide to help you understand into the characteristics and sizing of each, helping you to choose the perfect banquet table for your event.

Round Tables

Round tables are circular in shape. These tables generally range from 3ft to 6ft.

Our round tables feature a varnished plywood top, industrial strength foldable metal legs and heavy duty black PVC rubber edges. They’re also stackable for ease of storage.

They’re available in a variety of sizes to suit your number of guests. Round tables are an ideal option for formal gatherings and sit-down dining. Round tables are also ideal for promoting conversation among guests as all attendees are facing each other. There’s also no “head” of the table, ideal for events/table settings where there isn’t a definitive “host”. A round table is also an apt choice for anyone who wants to maximise the potential of the venue space, as they can be placed in awkward spaces where rectangle tables may not fit.

Rectangular Tables

These tables are a rectangular shape with two or more trestles or support underneath. Our rectangular banquet tables are available in various lengths, typically ranging from 4ft to 8ft and come in a range of widths including 24” wide and 30”. The 30” wide is the most popular width for dining tables. Our selection features a varnished plywood top and foldable legs.

They’re highly versatile as they’re popular for both formal and informal events, from sit-down meals to buffets. These tables can be configured end-to-end to create long banquet-style setups. Rectangular tables are also a good choice for maximising space as they can be pushed against a wall or placed in corners, and they may be used to seat more guests as they can stretch their length to seat guests and are not limited by diameter.

Bistro Tables

Bistro tables are compact, an ideal choice for space-saving. They are dining table height and normally 29/30” high. They’re most ideal for seating small groups or individuals at cocktail-style events and are a great choice for creating an intimate atmosphere. This style of table can easily be positioned into a corner or near a window cafe-style dining experience. As they’re lightweight and compact, this makes them easy to move around after meals if needed.

Round Tables Guide

Seating Capacity Table Size Recommended Linen Size
4 people 3ft 54”x54””
6-8 people 4ft 70”x70”
8-10 people 5ft 90”x90” or 118" Round for full drop to ground
9-11 people 5ft 6in 90”x90” or 118" Round or 130” for full drop to ground
10-12 people 6ft 90”x90” or 130" Round for full drop to ground
2-3 people Half Round 4ft (often used for top table/oval table for weddings) 70”x70”
3-5 people Half Round 5ft (often used for top table/oval table for weddings) 90”x90”

Rectangular Tables Guide

Seating Capacity Table Size Recommended Linen Size
Seats 2 people 2ft x30” 54”x54” (for dining height)
Seats 2 each side & 1 each end 4ft x 24in 70”x70”
Seats 2 each side & 1 each end 4ft x 30in 70”x70”
Seats 3 each side & 1 each end 6ft x 24in 70”x108”
Seats 3 each side & 1 each end 6ft x 30in 70”x108”
Seats 3 each side & 1 each end 6ft x 36in 70”x108”
Seats 3 each side & 1 each end 8ft x 24in 70”x144”
Seats 4 each side & 1 each end 8ft x 30in 70”x144”

Bistro Tables & Cocktail Tables

A bistro table is typically the same height as a rectangular/trestle table (ie a dinner table) 29”/30” in height. A bistro table is lower in height than a cocktail table, which is typically bar height/ 42” high and often used for standing guests.

Seating Capacity Table Size Recommended Linen Size
Round Bistro Table size medium – Seats 2-4. 30” in diameter x 29” high 90x90” to partially cover. 118/120” round to cover.
Round Bistro Table large – Seats 2-4 33” in diameter x 29” high 132” to cover.
Square Bistro Table: Seats 3-4. 2ft x 24” x 29” high 54”x54”
Round Cocktail Table size medium - Seats 2-4 stools 30” in diameter x 42” high 130” to cover.
Round Cocktail Table large – Seats 2-4 stools. 33” in diameter x 42” high 132” to cover.
Square Cocktail Table – Seats 2-4. 2ft x 24” x 42” high Linen is not required for this table.
Flow Medium Network Table – Seats 8-10. 6ft x 28” x 43” high Linen is not required for this table.
Flow Large Network Table – Seats Sits 4 either side & 1 at each end.

8ft x 32” x 43” high

Linen is not required for this table.

Calculating Linen Size

The key to the perfect linen lies in the "drop length," which is how far the fabric hangs over the edge of your table. The drop length can help you determine the perfect linen size for your table. All you need is your table's height and this simple formula in the table further down below.

To determine the appropriate linen size, measure the width of the table in inches and then add the desired drop length in inches twice. This calculation accounts for the linen hanging down one side of the table (drop #1), covering the table, and then hanging down the other side (drop #2).Top of Form

For example, if you have a Round table 60” in diameter and want a drop the length of the table, simply add the table top/diameter of 60” + 29” (table height) + 29” (table height), which would give you linen dimensions of 118”.

If you’re looking for a quick way to find the full linen drop size for your table, you can also see the below as a helpful guide.

  • For a 30” high table, add 60” to length/width/diameter.
  • If it’s 36” high, add 72” to the length/width/diameter.
  • If it’s 42” high, add 84” to the length/width/diameter.

We’ve included a helpful table below to consult when calculating your linen size:

Table Shape Formula
Rectangular (Length + Drop + Drop) x (Width + Drop + Drop)
Round Diameter + Drop + Drop

Hireall’s Top Tips:

  • We always recommend adding a table protector pad to your table prior to dressing you table with linen.
  • If your event is outdoors, we recommend linen that sits above the ground to prevent it from getting stained or wet.
  • For linens longer than your selected table size, simply “tuck” the additional fabric underneath for a finished look. is Ireland's leading event hire company with over 50 years of industry experience. is also proud to offer Next Day Delivery. Have a question? Contact us at 01 295 3821 or, where our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

30th May 2024