5 Ways to Fold a Napkin
Date: February 08 2018 | Category: Event Advice

The art of napkin-folding is not rocket science but it does add a touch of class to your table setting! Folded napkins can serve a practical purpose: tucking in utensils, completing the theme in the place setting and it can also offer opportunities for dressing up a table. To inspire you, we offer you a 5 ways to fold a napkin.

If you’re throwing a part and not quite sure how to fold a napkin check these options out. There are numerous ways that napkins can be folded depending upon the type of setting and appearance you wish to achieve. Some sample napkin folds follow below.

The Pyramid Napkin Fold

This classy napkin folding technique is simple, fast, and can be made easily with most napkins. If the napkin being used is thin and flops easily then iron it with light starch prior to folding and it will turn out perfectly!


  • Lay the napkin face down in front of you.
  • Fold the napkin in half diagonally
  • Rotate the napkin so the open end faces away from you
  • Fold the right end up to meet the far corner, ensuring the edge of this new fold lays on the centreline as shown.
  • Repeat the last step with the left side, folding the left tip up to the far corner, creating a diamond shape with a seam running down the centre.
  • Turn the napkin over, keeping the open end facing away from you.
  • Fold the napkin in half by bringing the farthest point of the diamond up and back to the nearest point.
  • Turn the napkin over again, this time keeping the open end facing towards you.
  • Fold the napkin along the centre seam and you have a neat, sturdy pyramid. If your napkin won’t stand neatly then you may need a little.


Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

The angled napkin fold is easy and offers lots of opportunities to tuck away cutlery, flowers, herbs, place cards and menus. Start with a square dinner napkin and give it a three-way fold for an elegant angled pocket.

Bow Tie Napkin

The bow tie is pretty and adds a touch of femininity to a table.


Open Square Napkin

  • Fold napkin in thirds
  • Fold napkin in half.
  • Pinch centre of napkin, straightening as needed./li>
  • Wrap with washi tape around the center of the bowtie.

That’s it! It’s such a cinch. You can customise it with different fabrics, colours, and washi tape designs.

Wrapped Napkins

Fold a napkin in thirds, wrap it around the plate, and tuck the ends under - you’re done! Pair it with some flowers, herbs, menus, place card etc.

Lover’s Knot Napkin

At first glance, two linens are folded to become one. But it’s really just one linen napkin. In light of its romantic name, this design is lovely for a wedding or anniversary celebration.