10 Food Station Ideas to Impress
Date: February 14 2019 | Category: Event Advice

10 Food Station Ideas to Impress


Planning an event and have a lot of mouths to feed? Food stations are not just easier to create but they makes sense; At buffets, people often pile a little bit of everything onto their plate, so by choosing a theme you are avoiding clashes of flavours for your guests.  It just so happens that themed food stations are also trending for weddings, corporate events and large parties so you'll be on point.  

The key is to think in flavour combinations. It’s also a good tip to choose different colours and textures to give an impressive looking spread. Remember, you can have as many or as few food stations as you want. The options are limitless. Remember, than food stations vary hugely in effort and preparation time. For example a food station for sweets could be prepared well in advance whereas a pizzas food station requires a lot of hands on at the event. 

Here’s our list of 10 Food Station ideas to impress:

1. Burger Bar

Have your guests make their own burgers with this burger bar buffet idea. It is customisable to their tastes so even picky eaters can make something they like. Have veggie burger options too for vegetarians requirements. Want your guests to have more networking opportunities?


2. Taco Bar

Like the burgers, these tacos are very customisable. Give the option of bowls and plates so guests have the option of making a taco salad or traditional tacos. beef, chicken, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, cheese, peppers, beans, cilantro or coriander as we say, the options are endless. 


3. Seafood Food Station 

Any seafood lovers out there? Put down the fish and chips and feast your eyes on this food station idea. You will certainly need the professional for this if you aren't a caterer yourseld. Use clever buffetware display equipment like our urban and flexi buffet systems. and  you're on to a winner! 


4. Potato Bar

Baked potato, chips, waffles, and more. Potatoes are a safe bet when it comes to catering large events; they're filling and don't violate any food restrictions that your guests may have. The potato bar can be a station on it's own or an extension to the main. Everyone can agree they would want “chips on the side please!”


5. Kebab Spread

For those summer months/ Grilled or roasted meat, fish, or vegetables skewered onto a stick. It is easy to serve since your guests can pick the skewers of their choice. This idea is perfect for an outdoor conference event. It can also be repurposed for a company barbeque or indoor of course. We love these gravy boat ideas. Simple, but effective. 


6. Pasta To-Go

Pasta is always a crowd favourite. Pasta salad, pasta with chicken and Alfredo sauce, pasta with meatballs, etc. The options are endless. You can have a vegetarian pasta option as well as one with meat. You could do the traditional pasta buffet with the large trays and a scooper or give this idea a gander. Have pasta in cups to make it easy to pick up and go!


7. Charcuterie / Tapas Buffet

This tapas table spread is perfect for any event, be that wedding, corporate or personal. Tapas bring an element of freshness and simplicity to any occasion. As your guests arrive, they can grab small plates of meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and crackers and return as often as they like. 


8. Gourmet Pizza Buffet

Want a pizza the action?

Pizza is easily one of the most beloved comfort foods. This option won’t be available to all due to equipment requirements. If it is, great -have a gourmet pizza buffet with veggie and meat options so that all guests feel like they are a piece of the pie.


9. Continental Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day ladies and gentlemen. This is great for any conference that starts early. Provide breakfast for your guests and they will be more than happy to wake up early and show up. Guests can network over a cup of coffee and scones.


10. Dessert Bar

Wow your guests with a fantastic dessert station. It will be a sweet memory of the event’s festivities. Sweet stations are also hugely on trend at the moment for weddings. They are much easier to prepare and can be done realitvely simply without the assistance of a caterer. 



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