Your Complete Guide to Hiring Crockery For Events

Your Complete Guide to Hiring Crockery For Events

Planning any event where food will be served, from a small-scale dinner party to a high-volume wedding and everything in-between, will require crockery. You should think of your table setting as the centrepiece of the event, with your crockery taking centre stage. But where should you begin? Here at, we hire a wide variety of Crockery and dinner sets for all occasions. In this helpful guide, we’ll be discussing the various types of dining events you may be considering and what type/how much crockery you’ll need. Read on for more!

Consider The Type of Event You’re Hosting

A formal, sit-down wedding banquet will differ largely to a relaxed, informal buffet for a large volume of guests, and your crockery requirements will also differ.


If you’re hosting a buffet, a key component is a dinner plate, side plate, bowl, knife, fork and spoon for every expected guest, plus extra to allow for any breakage or additional guests. You’ll also need a variety of serve ware, including chafers to keep food at optimum temperatures. Additionally, consider gravy boats, vegetable bowls and salad bowls.

Sit-Down Meals

For a sit down meal, firstly you should consider the number of guests you’ll be serving. This will determine the crockery you’ll need.

For serving starters, we recommend a soup plate if serving soup, plus a side plate for serving additional items such as bread rolls, and a starter plate if serving any other choice of starter. Add spoons, forks, knives and spoons as necessary.

For main courses, your crockery choices will depend on the food you’re serving. For pasta dishes, serve on a pasta plate. Other dishes can be served on a dinner plate, with a charger plate placed underneath if desired. Add 2-3 vegetable dishes, gravy boats and condiment dishes per table.

For desserts, most desserts can be served on a starter plate with a dessert spoon or cake fork/pastry fork, however, you may also want to add a cheese board or a sundae/knickerbocker glory glass if you’ll be serving cheese boards or ice cream-style desserts.


In addition to your chosen glassware, when serving tea or coffee, stock up on teacups, coffee cups, teapots and coffee pots.

Crockery Choices

Now for the fun part! You may wish to choose seasonally appropriate crockery, or opt for a collection that ties in with your chosen colour scheme.

For a timeless, classic look, we recommend our Artic White or Wedgwood collections, which pair beautifully with our Arthur Price or Arcade cutlery collections. Or for an extra special occasion, check out our Mother of Pearl cutlery.

For summer meals, we recommend a pop of colour, which can be found in our Transatlantica, Venezia and Fiji collections available for hire.

If you’re looking for the perfect option for a whimsical colour scheme, check out the Jasper Conran Peacock collection. Or for a sleek, modern choice, look no further than our Black Crockery options, the perfect canvas for making culinary delights visually pop!

Check out our full Crockery range available for hire at Remember, all washing up is included in the hire price, so you can sit back and relax post-event!

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21st Feb 2024