Room Layouts Guide For Events

Choosing the layout of your room for an event can be a tough choice when you aren’t sure what is the best layout for your event. Below we have put together a number of the most popular room layouts for events.

Theatre Style Layout

For this layout style all the participants are facing the front with a comfortable view of the front.

Allow for 30 inches between rows, or more if you wish to ensure maximum comfort.

This set up usually has a gap in the middle and space along the sides to allow guests to move in and out of rows comfortably. These gaps will function as aisles.

This style is popular

  • for conferences where minimal note taking is required
  • presentations which are less than 2 hours
  • accommodating a larger number of guests in one room.


Classroom Style Layout

For this layout there is a long table at the top of the room for the hosts of the event or speakers.

Facing the long table at the front are a number of tables with chairs on one side, like you would see in a classroom.

The style is ideal for

  • Informal conferences or events where there is some dialogue between the speakers and the audience.
  • Perfect for workshops where attendees need space to work.
  • For training so everyone is facing the speaker.


Conference Style

For this style there is a single or several rows of tables in a room with a number of chairs around the tables.

This will depend on the number of people attending the conference.

The style is ideal for:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Workshops
  • When communication between all participants is needed.


Banquet Style with Rectangle Tables

Banquet style dining is ideal for any formal dinner party where seating dining is part of the event. Banquet style dining usually features a top table where guests are seated on one side.

The rest of the tables run parallel to each other in the dining room.

The style is ideal for

  • A conference with a dining option or a dining option with a show
  • A small wedding


Banquet Style with Round Tables.

This setup is typically used for formal dining events such as weddings or corporate Christmas parties. Table sizes for this style of dining are typically between 8 - 10.

This style of seating allows for lively conversations to happen around the table for all of the participants and allows more interaction than the rectangular tables.

The style is ideal for:

  • Sit down dinners such as weddings
  • Lively events such as award shows and fashion shows.


16th Mar 2022

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