Top 5 Outdoor Party Ideas for this Summer
Date: August 06 2019 | Category: Event Advice

Here are some outdoor party ideas that will give your backyard a spruce and your outdoor parties a little more excitement. 

Outdoor Party Idea #1: Bring Out the Furniture

Outdoor Party idea 1

A summer party is not a summer party if it is indoors. So, bring out your furniture onto the backyard and create a set up like your living room on your lawn. Bring out your garden furniture, set up your garden bench, place your rattan chairs across the lawn, etc. Make sure you have enough room for everyone and everything. 


Outdoor Party Idea #2: Decor, Decor, Decor!  

Outdoor Party Idea 2

Many hosts would like to keep their garden party decor simple and traditional. While there is nothing wrong with simple outdoor party ideas, you can always spruce up your decor with minimal effort. Consider setting up your buffet on the garden bench with a pretty table cloth. Create a beverages table on the patio with an elegant coffee table or use food/ drink stations if you're very organised! 

Outdoor Party Idea #3: Keep Your Drinks Cold

Outdoor party Tip 3

In the summer, everyone wants something cold to drink. While hosting outdoor parties, you’ve probably had to keep popping into your kitchen to get stuff out of the fridge which, let's just say is less than ideal. This year use a kiddie pool filled with ice or cold water (an ice pool bucket, if you will) to keep your drinks cool and fresh. If your kids aren't too happy about this outdoor party idea then you can always default to an ice bucket! 


Outdoor Party Idea #4: Organise Some Activities

Outdoor party idea 4

To make your garden party fun for everyone, consider organising some activities. Because your guest list will inevitably include some kids and you need to give them something to do. If your guest list does not include little children, no problem. The adults can play too! There are many simple games and activities you can plan for your guest in and around your lawn. Our well thought out tips for outdoor party ideas should help you with that.

 If you’re looking to go more professional and do not want to bother yourself with planning games on top of everything else, you can always hire. Check out our giant garden games

Outdoor Party Idea #5: Light It Up

Outdoor Party Ideas 5

Don’t leave your guests in the dark. Choose garden appropriate lighting and put them up in every corner. Choose warm, yellow lights for this purpose because it will be soft on the eyes and give your backyard a nice glow. Not to mention, it will hide the imperfections! Lighting up your backyards is the laziest way to fool your guest into thinking you paid attention to your garden! Coloured lights can also be very effective and create a wonderful fun ambience. Ikea and homestore and more have great options for outdoor, affordable lighting. 


With all these outdoor party ideas, tips and sprucing advice for your backyard, you are set to have a great time. Add some music (bose are fantastic!) and an area to dance around and voila! You have a party. Remember all these tips as you kick off the summer with the first outdoor party of the season and most importantly do not forget to have some fun!

Happy Summer, everyone!  


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