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Ice Cube LED
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Luminescent cube shaped table with pexiglass top

These illuminated cubes are very popular for events and exhibitions. They can be used with or without illumination and also make perfect casual or informal seating areas.

These cubes also work perfectly well with othe rilluminated products within our furniture hire range, such as The Star Bench and The Snake. By combining 3 different types of items Snake, Cube and Star it is possible to create informal and relaxed seating in any shape imaginable.

And in addition to creating unique room layouts it is possible to create spectacular lighting.

Create light which compliments colours of company's corporate identity.

Height 16.9'' / 43cm

Width 16.9'' / 43cm

Depth 16.9'' / 43cm 


Product Details
Catalogue number: IFIC
Case/Rack Size: 1
Price €32.00
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