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Snake Bar LED

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Snake Bar LED
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Illuminated Curved Bar - This bar creates a unique atmosphere in any room or at any function. 

The Snake Bar is very useful, it can be used indoor or outdoor, perfect as a half wall or in a kitchen, a modern bar area into a living room, in a garden, on a terrace or along a swimming pool.

Very functional, lightweight and strong, it can be cleaned with a simple sponge.


Snake Bars can be assembled with other Snake Bars to create different shapes.  Light up the bar with clear or coloured bulbs - outstanding !


We also can provide protection glass for the top of the Snake Bar.


Height 39.4'' / 100cm

Width 65'' / 165cm

Depth 23.6'' / 60cm



Product Details
Catalogue number: IFSB
Case/Rack Size: 1
Price €208.00
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